Managing Staff Shortages and Coping Mechanisms

Whilst all of us in the hospitality sector are delighted that events businesses are back operating at full capacity, several new challenges have emerged for most venues, from price rises and inflation through to often crippling staff shortages. We spoke to a few venues, and we hope their advice and experience below will help you to find solutions.

hospitality staff shortages, lack of available staff

First off, two tips from our founder venue, Elmore Court, on how they have sought to address their staffing challenges. 1. Increase wages to make the hospitality industry a more attractive career prospect and 2. Address the issue around zero-hour contracts by guaranteeing hours and ensuring a work life balance.

We also spoke to Dewsall Court, who have been struggling to find kitchen talent. Their solution was to “scout around their usual methods”, broadening standard channels to include local social media communities. Good news for all their hosts, they’ve since managed to find excellent qualified local staff to fill the position.

What are your thoughts? If you’ve been struggling to fill your team vacancies, we would love to know more about how you’re managing the situation.

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Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee by recreating the winning Platinum Pudding

The Platinum Jubilee weekend is almost upon us, marking the Queen’s 70th year on the throne. What are your plans? Whether you’re hosting back-to-back weddings or a themed celebration commemorating this significant milestone we hope you and your teams have some fun planned as we move into the summer months!

If you’re interested in whipping up a dessert to mark the occasion may we suggest the official Platinum Pudding, a Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti Trifle pudding?

This scrumptious dish consists of:

Swiss Roll

Lemon Curd 

St Clement’s Jelly


Amaretti biscuits 

Chunky mandarin coulis

Find out more about the perfect celebratory summer treat and download the full recipe HERE. Happy baking from the Hostology team (we are yet to try the official dessert of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee) but we are certain it won’t disappoint!

Too many notifications? Filter out the noise!

The Hostology team rolled out a big update on the platform yesterday, introducing a new feature to help save time! (and also improving the performance of the platform by removing some known bugs!)

When you next log in to the platform, you will be able to see the new feature on your notifications page, allowing you to filter notifications based on different categories, so you can get to the information you need more swiftly:

You can then clear all filters using the reset button.

We will be adding to this feature very soon, allowing you to automatically filter out any notifications on work you have done.

If you need any help with using this, please find the helpful guide here or get in touch with the Hostology team! 

Workflows have landed…

Hostology is all about Planning, and what better than a shared list for your team and your hosts/ couples of key milestone points along their planning journey?

Our new Workflows tool lets your team pre-set a list of Milestone meetings and reminders, anchored to the event confirmation date or the event date itself, and for any type of event – wedding, corporate – the choice is yours.

Simply create your workflow template once, telling the system how many days/ weeks or months before the event or after the confirmation day you want the milestone to appear and let Hostology do the rest. Import your new workflow into a newly added event with one click!

If your team isn’t already saving time with Hostology why not book a walk-through – we’d love to hear more about your venue and help make the event management process smoother and enjoyable!

Something old, something new…

We’ve got sustainability on our minds as we head into the weekend, and in particular sharing the excellent work over at Recycle my Wedding.

Recycle My Wedding provides a platform for couples to buy pre-loved wedding items. From wedding dresses and outfits to decor and accessories, there is something for everyone. So whether they want to save money on that designer dress or help to do their bit for the planet and make a more sustainable choice for their wedding – Recycle My Wedding has it covered.

So worth sharing with your brides and grooms to be, they can even re-sell on their items after their wedding. And the best bit; for every item listed, Recycle My Wedding donate 10% of their listing fees to Trees For Life. A win-win for the planet. Keep up-to-date by following them here...

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