Hostology Roadshow – Elmore Court

Well that was FUN!

Hostology, The Venue Experts and Sustainable Wedding Alliance had such a blast down at Elmore Court last week; with day full of useful insights, networking and behind the scenes tours. And yes, the Treehouses were amazing!

Thank you to all the venue teams that joined us, to Anselm Guise and Team E for hosting us and to Melanie Wright from Pylewell Park for a wonderful introduction to the theme; the Power of People. Next up Pennard House on the 1st November and Pylewell Park on the 8th November – see you there!

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TVE at elmore
Michelle Miles SWA at Elmore

Rural England Prosperity Fund

Did you know that the government has recently allocated up to £110 million to support countryside businesses across England including wedding venues? 

As the rural productivity gap widens across England, the government has announced a new plan set to level up rural communities. The Rural England Prosperity Fund worth up to £110 million will be delivered by eligible local authorities and aims to boost rural productivity by unlocking billions of investment for local businesses over the coming years. 

The report “recognises the unique strengths and challenges of rural communities” and explains how rural interests will be at the heart of the government’s approach as they support local leaders to invest and grow their economies in line with local priorities.

England's countryside

The Rural England Prosperity Fund is available from April 2023 to March 2025 and can be accessed by completing a short template outlining how you’ll use your funding allocation to support rural businesses and communities. 

Despite the long-term government neglect of the UK’s countryside economy, we are pleased to hear that the government is addressing the issue with a programme set to unlock the economic and social potential of the countryside. 

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear them in The Collective!

To read the full Rural Fund report, click HERE. 

Collaboration: a key approach to organising successful events

There is no doubt that the global COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how companies operate and do business. Instead of going into the office every day, holding meetings and working closely with one another, many people have been working remotely from home since the start of the epidemic.

With the threat of Covid-19 still looming, we’ve heard that collaboration has been key to reconnect with your team post pandemic. A time to relearn, restructure and recuperate, the need for event professionals to work together to build in flexibility has never been more important.

From embracing online collaborative softwares and communicating with your hosts more efficiently to dealing with last minute Covid illnesses and staff shortages by working together to find creative solutions, there are a number of benefits of working as a team in the post pandemic era.

We’d like to share our top 4 advantages of a collaborative team:

1.     Boosts productivity

Everyone has different strengths and abilities in the events industry so working as a team will help venues learn from each other in a way that enhances communication and drives greater productivity.

2.     Aids problem solving

Collaborative environments improve problem-solving capabilities and creative thinking, subsequently increasing a venue’s ability to adapt in a changing market environment. Given that the event’s industry involves the pulling together of many different facets, multiple inputs are essential for approaching problems and providing solutions.

3.     Saves time

Working in teams enables venues to be quicker and more effective in their work, as compared to venues who work on projects on their own. By brainstorming ideas, skills and expertise, collaboration allows venues to come together towards the achievement of a common goal.

4.     Reduces the workload

With multiple individuals working on a project, the work can be divided up equally and efficiently between those with the time and the expertise to handle specific tasks. Often referred to as the divide and conquer strategy, this significantly reduces the project delivery time.

As we continue to deal with a number of post-pandemic challenges, collaboration has become a necessity and luckily working in a team lends a myriad of benefits.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opinions on collaboration, togetherness, and productivity in the workplace so that together we can empower greater inclusion and stronger cooperation. Head to The Collective to share your thoughts!

Celebrating Marriage: A New Weddings Law

Since our Summit Session in 2021, we have been keeping tabs on The Law Commission’s recommendations to reform England and Wales’s wedding laws.

One year later on July 19th 2022, The Law Commission have published their final report, outlining recommendations to revitalise UK marriage laws to reflect a more modern society.

Under current law, the rules and regulations governing weddings are “confusing, out-of-date, and restrictive”, preventing many couples from marrying in a place that holds special value for them or having a ceremony reflecting their own wishes and beliefs.

However, following growing public desire for more personal wedding options, The Law Commission now proposes that couples will have more freedom to personalise the content of their ceremony and recognise cultures, faiths and beliefs. The proposed changes will also give couples greater choices of where to get married, guaranteeing that weddings can take place in “any safe and dignified location”.

Whilst no timeline for the legal changes has been given yet, we believe that these recommendations represent a step toward equality for people of all races and religions who desire a wedding that honours their choices and needs.

If you’d like to read the full Law Commission Report, click HERE and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us!

How to Help Your Couples Plan a Green Wedding

We are passionate about being as eco-friendly as possible. We love seeing what steps our venues are taking to improve their carbon footprint and increase sustainability. That’s why we were thrilled to see Hedsor House introduce the UK’s first curated carbon-neutral wedding. The Alexander is a planet-positive wedding package for couples who want an authentically sustainable wedding day without compromising on quality and style. By carefully choosing suppliers with green credentials and prioritising options to reduce waste, The Alexander have achieved a 55% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the average wedding at Hedsor House.

We’ve taken a look at their Green Guide’s suggestions and would love to share some interesting ideas with you for encouraging couples to plan eco-friendly weddings and make a difference to the carbon footprint of weddings:

  1. Getting Ready

Encourage couples to look for second-hand or vintage dresses to help reduce fast fashion and sustain the planet. We love Recycle My Wedding for their pre-loved wedding dresses, accessories and decor which can be bought and then resold, continuing the cycle of re-using, recycling, and re-purposing. By shopping pre-loved items, you’re also helping re-wild forests as 10% of every item listed gets donated to Trees For Life.

  1. Food and Drink

Recommend a caterer who will pick seasonal, organic, and homegrown produce and encourage your couple to consider reducing the amount of meat on their menu or offering a fully plant-based dining experience. This might interest them and their guests in trying more eco-friendly and sustainable options and encourage them to adopt healthier eating habits.

  1. Flowers and Decor

Flowers and decorations bring the “look” of your wedding together, but they do come at a cost – both financial and environmental. If your couples choose seasonal and local flowers, they can incorporate nature’s beauty into their special day while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint output.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to know more about your venue’s sustainability journey and any plans you have for encouraging couples to lessen their environmental impact and mitigate carbon emissions.

Head to The Collective and share your opinion!

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