Perfect event planning

Hostology makes it a joy to finesse your big day. Our smart PLATFORM has every tool you need.

Organise, choose and muse, in one place.

Create the event you deserve, hand-in-hand with your venue host.



A stress-free day

There’s a lot to think about…. Schedules, menus, rooms. Table plans, guests, suppliers.

Gather it all on THE PLATFORM, then divide and conquer.

Smooth planning clears the path for your celebration– and becomes an integral part of it.



Creative collaboration

It takes a team to dream a celebration. Shared plans spark bright ideas.

Source the right suppliers. Build the best itinerary. Find a twist to give your day the edge.

THE PLATFORM calls on all involved to make your day memorable.


Spoil your guests

Your guests want your attention. ‘RSVP’ on THE PLATFORM helps you give it.

Add diets, consents and notes. Meet safeguarding responsibilities, with supplier management on your side.

Confirm your guests are ‘fit & well’ in the run-up, and download a check-list to record attendance on the day.


Ask for Hostology

Sleep Easy

Get your party set up for a good night’s rest.

Assign your guests rooms on THE PLATFORM. Invite them to log on and contribute or pay.

Our easy-to-use tools make staying over easy.


Ask your venue for Hostology - the art of hosting

How it works

1. Choose a venue

Look at a few, fall in love with one, then ask for Hostology! With our collaborative planning tools, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

2. Plan, plan, plan

Work with your venue to finesse your event details. Create and manage multiple guest lists, and stay in control of all your wedmin.

3. Your big day!

It’s your Big Day. Time to put on your shoes and have fun, knowing your venue and Hostology have everything under control.

We're always happy to help - visit our support area to get in touch






“Hostology brings everything in to one place, increasing the efficiency of our event managers, while at the same time creating a great platform for our customers to use.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“We now spend much more time with each client, meaning we can offer an even more personal service. This is what we have been waiting for since we opened in 2010.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“Hostology has carefully thought through how a tech solution can not only make the event management process smoother, saving in time and admin, but can also provide an enjoyable work flow for the client.”

Joshua Dugdale, Wasing Park

“The systemising, streamlining and efficiencies are a game changer for our business and equally will make planning the wedding logistics less ‘dry’ for our couples and their guests – it is a win, win, win!”

Jane Robinson & Samantha Vaughan, Dewsall Court

“Hostology is a fantastic platform that brings the many elements of organising bespoke events under one roof. It has transformed the organisation of our business, saved many staff hours and made us far more efficient.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“We extensively researched the market to find a software platform that fulfils all the needs we have when arranging events and liaising with customers. Hostology does and is going to massively streamline our business.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“So far, I have found the system overall to be really easy to use from our point of view, particularly when it comes to the itinerary.

I think in the long run this is going to save us so much more time to be able to concentrate on the couples and other areas.”

Natalie, Upton Barn