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27 Aug 2020

Over the past few months, we’ve run a series of live webinar sessions, each with an experienced expert to help to guide us all through these tricky times.

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Thursday 24th September, 11.30 am – Hostology Webinar Series: 2020 – Latest sector news and your venue stories

Today’s webinar is another must-watch. Full of updates from experts and positive news from venues too.

We are excited to welcome David Chapman from UK Hospitality Wales, to update us on his ongoing discussions with the Welsh Government – and where weddings of 30 are still the norm.

William Johnson of Wetherby Hamilton will be on hand to help us to unpack the High Court’s recent judgement on the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) test case regarding business interruption insurance. And, Richard Cramer from Front Row Legal gives his take on postpones and reports on his discussions with the U.K. Government. We also heard positive tales of innovation from Elmore Court and Iscoyd Park.

Thursday 10th September, 11.30 am – Hostology Webinar Series: 19 – Latest CMA wedding guidance reviewed

This week the CMA published their wedding-specific guidance for those events affected by COVID-19.

During today’s webinar, we examine the impact on our sector, with contributions from Charles Courtenay (Michelmores and WVSG) and Robina Hussein (Front Row Legal).

And for those of you beginning to open up for business,  expert – Alan Law (risk assessment) provides useful advice about how to run a COVID safe event.

Thursday 27th August, 11.30 am – Hostology Webinar Series: 18- Focus on delivering safe events

Wedding receptions are back on – albeit for just 30 guests. During today’s webinar, we heard from risk assessment expert Alan Law on how to deliver a covid safe wedding for 30. Watch the recording for his answers to your frequently asked questions.

And we heard from Nina Beer (Occassion Queens) and Sarah Hayward (Event Producer) on Love My Dress’ campaign to focus attention to the financial support badly needed by our sector. Listen in for some startling revised statistics on the value of the wedding-sector and the findings of their most recent supplier survey.

Duncan Clarke gave us an excellent update on the ABWB’s communication with government, and the successful first phase of the newly formed Wedding Venue Support Group (WVSG).

With over 170 pledges WVSG have reached their initial target to commission expert advice, further pledges will help translate the advice into developing a fair and robust contract between venues, suppliers and their customers.

Click here for full information on the work of the WVSG and links to pledge your support to your industry.


Alan Law – tips for delivering a safe wedding for 30

#whatboutweddings – Subscribe to campaign updates at

WVSG – Pledge your support the Wedding Venue Support group –

Thursday 13th August, 11.30 am Hostology webinar series: 17 Industry Updates, Focus on WVSG

During today’s webinar, we hear from Charles Courtenay about the newly formed Wedding Venue Support Group (WVSP). Updates from the ABWB and Nina from Occasion Queens updates us on the critical What about Weddings campaign.

From today’s webinar, we can firmly conclude that we need to continue to bang the drum for the wedding industry and make sure that our voices are heard.

We are hopeful that the government announcement tomorrow bring will bring us some much-needed luck.

To read more about the work of the WVSP, click here for full information and links to pledge your support to your industry.

Thursday 30th July 11.30 am Hostology webinar series: 16 Emerging from Lockdown – updates and advice for venues

During today’s webinar, we covered the whole host of topics – with an update from :

James Paxman, Duncan Clarke, Will Johnson regarding the CMA and insurance, Alan Law on Health and Safety, Richard Cramer regarding contracts.

Tamryn Settle (Love My Dress) and Nina Beer (Occasion Queens) provided valuable feedback and advice directly from couples plus, updated us about their hugely successful campaign ‘#Whataboutweddings’. To read more and to show support find more details here.

Thursday 16th July 11.30 am Hostology webinar series 15: Emerging from Lockdown – updates and advice for venues

During this week’s webinar, we hear from Health and Safety expert Alan Law about what to do if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 within your venue. Mark Bishop, from PKF Francis Clark, simplifies VAT and Stuart Owens from the ABWB updates us on the progress that is being made in government.

Thursday 2nd July 11.30 am Hostology webinar series 14: Emerging from Lockdown – updates and advice for venues

We will be joined by Ben Cowell, Director General of Historic Houses and members of the ABWB Venue Committee, both with updates and more details on the valuable work that they are doing for the industry.  And Risk Assessment expert, Alan Law, will be back with a practical interpretation of the current guidance.

Thursday 25th June, 11.30 am Hostology webinar series 13: Emerging from Lockdown – updates and advice for venues

This week (23rd June) government announcement has opened up many questions about the future of running weddings and events.

Today’s webinar session is filled with encouraging updates from the ABWB regarding the roadmap and time scale for the wedding industry to reopen.

Watch now to hear first hand on the progress of the ABWB – with members of the venue committee on hand to share and discuss the exit roadmap.

Plus, Sebastian Fenwick, alongside Historic Houses, shares his update on the legal advice he has commissioned for couples affected by insurers refusing to payout.

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Thursday 18th June, 11.30 am Hostology webinar series 12: The Future of Weddings Survey – Results & Insights with Love My Dress and Occasion Queens

We are thrilled to welcome Love My Dress and Occasion Queens to week twelve of our webinar sessions.

The Future of Weddings Survey – Results & Insights
Love My Dress and Occasion Queens are excited to present highlights from their recent survey, ‘The Future of Weddings’. With responses from more than 1300 brides, looking at everything from adjustments couples are prepared to make for their wedding to go ahead and what’s important to them and what’s worrying them right now plus insights into the all-important things venues can do to bring confidence to couples, this is an invaluable look into the future of weddings through the eyes of your clients.

Thursday 11th June, 11.30 am Hostology Webinar series: 11 11 Venue Predictions Post Pandemic with Olivia Riddiford-Mills, Host Venue Consultancy & Richard Cramer from Front Row Legal

What will venue life look like after business returns to normal? And how can the predictions we make now impact venue success the next few months and beyond?

We are joined by Olivia Riddiford-Mills of Host Venue Consultancy to discuss; Venue Predictions Post Pandemic.

Olivia Riddiford is the founder of Host Venue Consultancy and its sister multi-award-winning planning company Host Weddings & Events. With over 12 years of experience working within venues, Olivia fully understands the bridal buying process and operational logistics in both large and small wedding venues. Along with her skill set in planning weddings and selling them, she has the perfect tools to mentor others to achieve top results.

And, to follow on from the helpful advice from Jane Randell at Farrer & Co, Richard Cramer from Front Row Legal discussed useful information about how to future proof your booking terms and conditions.

For more help, please do visit:

Please do join us and do extend our invitation to anybody within your network who could benefit from the support and advice that The Hostology Collective offers.

Thursday 28th May, 11.30 am Hostology Webinar series: 10 COVID SAFE – Health & Safety with Alan Law

For week ten of our webinar series, we were joined by Health and Safety expert Alan Law from AFL Associates.

Part of any reopening plan will be executing a robust Health and Safety strategy, to keep your team safe and to reassure customers that they can do the same for their guests.

During today’s webinar, Alan Law shares his insights into what at Covid-19 wedding safe plan might look like, and we hear an update from Duncan Clarke, from the ABWB.

Thursday 21st May, 11.30 am Hostology Webinar series 9: Humanising the wedding with Love My Dress and Occasion Queens 

We were joined by wedding experts: Love My Dress founder, Annabel Beeforth, Senior Writer, Tamryn Settle and Nina Beer from Occasion Queens.

The session explored how couples are feeling and how you can best communicate with your customers going forward.

Love My Dress will be publishing their insights and conclusions from the valuable focus group that they conducted just last week. Please sign up to Love My Dress to find out more.


14th May at 11.30 am – Hostology webinar series: 8: Legal advice revisited with Jane Randell from Farrer & Co.

Jane provided us with valuable insights in response to couples who want to postpone or cancel their events inline with CMA guidelines.

We also discussed future scenarios venues might face such as how smaller events could or will be contractually bound with an aim to help you to make the right decisions for your business based on the information available to us.

7th May at 1.30 pm – Hostology webinar series: 7 Government action with Harriett Baldwin MP

Harriett represents the Treasury Select Committee. Harriett presented a useful update on what action is being taken by the Government to persuade the insurers to step up. Harriett Baldwin was very clear about her recommended next steps, namely that every venue is encouraged to write to their Member of Parliament and to articulate the distinct issues facing wedding / exclusive-use event venues.

To speed-the-plough we have written a template letter which you are welcome to download and use:  Write to your MP: Template Letter 

7th May at 11.30 am – Hostology webinar series: 6  Thoughts on marketing your venue in lockdown with Kelly Chandler

During our sixth webinar session, Kelly provides valuable advice about how to continue to market your venue during the lockdown.

Kelly offers a range of one consulting and training services for venues more information can be found on her website:

30th April at 11.30 am – Webinar series 5:  View from the Bridge, understanding wedding couples’ concerns with Charlotte O’Shea and Naomi Liddell from Rock My Wedding.

Charlotte and Naomi updated us on the current discussions in their community and lead venues through some of the things they should be thinking about, to both reassure their couples and an encourage new ones to choose their venue.

23rd April at 11.30 am – Webinar series 4: Financial Support Revisited 

During our fourth webinar, we were joined by Daniel Cherry from Lloyds Commercial Banking and John Haines from Ducketts Chartered Accountants to discuss financial support during the current CV-19 situation. Topics covered include a vital update on the UK Government Furlough Scheme as well as the CBILs loan application process.

In addition to the incredibly helpful advice presented by John Haines from Ducketts Chartered Accountants, Ducketts are happy to help with regards to CBILS applications.

If you would like to discuss this further, then please contact Martyn Wright on 07598 890019 or email on

17th  April at 11:30 am –  Webinar series 3: Focus on legal Issues

Emma Hardcastle is joined by Jane Randell from Farrer & Co and Will Johnson from Weatherbys Hamilton, to discuss event postponement and cancellations in the light of the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’.

Thanks to all for joining and taking part in a useful discussion. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with the latest recordings and head to our social media channels to find out about our next webinars – links in the footer.

8th  April at 2:30 pm –  Hostology Webinar series 2: Focus on Insurance

Josh Dugdale of founder venue, Wasing Park, was joined by Will Johnson from Weatherbys Hamilton to discuss issues around insurance, covering wedding/event insurance as well as venue and estate policies.

2nd April at 11:30 am – Hostology Webinar series 1: Focus on financial support

Hostology founder, Emma Hardcastle, was joined by John Haines from Ducketts Chartered Accountants. John gave us some very good advice on how to prepare for a loan application and on a myriad of other issues, from government support to postponement strategies, insurance and managing the team through the lockdown.

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