Streamline your planning processes

Is your busy event team suffering from admin overload?

Shared online access across the team, wherever they are, invites lean communications, ushering in intuitive and collaborative event workflows to make light of the detail.

Our customisable branding places your venue at the heart of the event experience; teamed with smart compliance tools, tasked to smooth any bumpy business practice for hosts, their suppliers and guests.


Your team calendar 

See all your events, meetings and tasks in seconds. Drill down by status or team members.

Use our handy drawer to add a new event whilst keeping eyes on availability.

Multiple venues? No problem at all. Set up and track events across each of your venues, including bespoke itinerary templates, accommodation and menus.




Your event dashboard

A snapshot of your ducks in a row.

Check in on any updates with our handy event notifications and keep on top of communications with our internal customer messaging system.

Use our workflow tool to save time adding key dates and milestones for your Host, helping them to anticipate exactly what’s next.

Stay up to speed with your personal To Do list. (Psssst, you can also assign tasks to a team member or customer!)



Integrated event itinerary

Create a neat itinerary to share with your team and customer.

Manage timings, locations, numbers, notes and catering. Decide who needs to see what. Even hand over the reigns to your Host, so they can spend many happy hours updating their all-important details.

Do it all once: Integrate time-saving templates to fast track adding details to any new event.


Enriched communications

Co-create your customer’s celebration with them.

Use the internal messaging system to plan the all-important details and keep the conversation flowing.

With our shared notes, itineraries and food and drink selections you can transform the planning process into a collaborative journey for everyone.



On-site accommodation sorted

Invite your Host to manage their event accommodation needs.

From assigning rooms on-site to sorting payment contributions, it’s a cinch to play innkeeper.

Fully integrated tools manage logistics and finances, sharing options and settling everyone in with ease.


Seamless guest management

Save time with our collaborative guest management tools. Hosts can share key event information, whilst our built-in guest lists and table plans handle dietary compliance, consents and any other comms or requirements.

And rest assured that your team and guests are safe. Know who’s attending the event and how to reach them, if need be (we are not mentioning the C word).



Secure guest area

Ensure guests feel at home well before they arrive.

Hosts can invite guests to their own website to view the key event information and our elegant ‘RSVP’ solution.

Once inside, they can accept their invitation, set any dietary preferences (for them and their party), book and pay for accommodation or select a gift.


The venue view

“I have found the system overall to be really easy to use from our point of view, particularly when it comes to the itinerary.

I think in the long run this is going to save us so much more time to be able to concentrate on the couples and other areas.” – Natalie, Upton Barn & Walled Garden

And see more testimonials below…


Enhanced venue performance at the click of a mouse

How it works

1. Start your trial

Register your venue details for instant access to your 30-day no obligation free trial. We’ll be at the ready to help you settle in with personalised onboarding sessions, online resources and email support.

2. Fair pricing

Once you’re up and running, it couldn’t be easier to crack on. Our affordable pricing plan scales up as you do, starting at just £10, plus £1 per month for each confirmed event.

3. Start saving

Customise the experience and save your team hours each week. Add your branding and create handy templates for on-the-day itineraries, menu packages, accommodation and recommended suppliers.

Streamlined Operations

Save up to 20% on staff time each week

Intuitive workflows liberate your team to enhance customer satisfaction & strategise business growth.



Unlimited users, templates & branding

The Platform is the cornerstone of Hostology’s wider commitment to help the hospitality sector thrive.


Peer Support

Informative webinars and a shared forum

Our friendly venue members community offers invaluable opportunities to connect & learn.


Benefit from all our innovative features today!






“Hostology brings everything in to one place, increasing the efficiency of our event managers, while at the same time creating a great platform for our customers to use.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“We now spend much more time with each client, meaning we can offer an even more personal service. This is what we have been waiting for since we opened in 2010.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“Hostology has carefully thought through how a tech solution can not only make the event management process smoother, saving in time and admin, but can also provide an enjoyable work flow for the client.”

Joshua Dugdale, Wasing Park

“The systemising, streamlining and efficiencies are a game changer for our business and equally will make planning the wedding logistics less ‘dry’ for our couples and their guests – it is a win, win, win!”

Jane Robinson & Samantha Vaughan, Dewsall Court

“Hostology is a fantastic platform that brings the many elements of organising bespoke events under one roof. It has transformed the organisation of our business, saved many staff hours and made us far more efficient.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“We extensively researched the market to find a software platform that fulfils all the needs we have when arranging events and liaising with customers. Hostology does and is going to massively streamline our business.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“So far, I have found the system overall to be really easy to use from our point of view, particularly when it comes to the itinerary.

I think in the long run this is going to save us so much more time to be able to concentrate on the couples and other areas.”

Natalie, Upton Barn