Iscoyd Park is a beautiful country house on the borders of North Wales, Shropshire, and Cheshire, offering private weddings, events, and celebrations of all sizes.

Iscoyd Park offer on-site accommodation and award winning in-house catering,  delivering hundreds of weddings, parties and dining opportunities throughout the year.

As a founder venue, the events team at Iscoyd Park has been using the Hostology event management software platform from the get-go, helping them to save time and plan efficiently, collaborating with their hosts online.

Country House | Guests 160 | In-house catering | Accommodation for 36 | Team size 20+

“Our previous method for planning weddings was time consuming and inconsistent.”

“Hostology allows couples to start planning their day as soon as they have booked. We get kept up to date every time they make an adjustment, and we can see their day come together in real time.

We can pop all of our menus/ packages/extra information onto Hostology so our couples have all of the information readily available. We can catch up over zoom/the phone and update the site as we go along so both host and venue are on the same page throughout the planning process.

It also allows the host to have all their planning information in one place, as they can use Hostology to send invites, create their guest list, allocate bedrooms and much more!”

– Iscoyd Park team

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“Our favourite feature would have to be the workflows & tasks.”

“It allows us to create a course of actionable tasks for us as the venue and also the hosts to follow. It means the couples know what to expect over the course of their month/year long planning process.

We also find the accommodation section great for allocating specific rooms to each event, it allows the host to choose who to put in each room, and then for the guest to easily pay.

It streamlines, what used to be, a long-winded process.”

– Iscoyd Park team

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“Hostology does the hard work for us! Hostology makes it so easy for us to have the entire planning process in one place for both the venue and host.”

“Hostology¬†eliminates the uncertainty of what the next step is for couples as they can get stuck in straight away and follow our workflows.

We also love that the team at Hostology are always on hand to listen to our feedback and are constantly improving to take it from strength to strength.”

– Iscoyd Park team

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