Meet our excellent group of highly focussed and dedicated professionals!

It’s fair to say that we are all pretty obsessed with honing the Hostology experience to deliver the world’s best event management platform. That’s right! 

And we love an event; chatting to our customers and to each other – usually over some food and a few drinks!

CEO and Founder

Emma Hardcastle

The Hostology team is led by experienced innovator and software entrepreneur, Emma Hardcastle. Joining forces with five experienced exclusive use venues back in 2018; Emma has shepherded Hostology through to the unique collaborative planning platform it is today.

Defying covid lockdowns through the Hostology Collective, Emma and her co-founders have been through quite a bit of change – she’s loved every minute!

Favourite thing at an event: Hitting the dance floor!


Account Manager

Ben Sears

Ben is our hard-working Account Manager who has recently relocated from sunny California to South London. He has extensive experience in software solutions as well as with being an Event Manager himself – so he knows the joy and headaches that come with the job.

Ben has a strong passion for sports, food, and customer service. Please let him know if you need any assistance at all!

Favourite thing at an event: Catching up with friends!


Customer Success Specialist

Lucia Pusateri

Lucia is our customer success specialist with a background in hospitality. Specializing in client satisfaction and retention to ensure lasting success and growth.

Lucia helps with onboarding our clients and handles our customer support. She is always there to answer any questions!

Favourite thing at an event: The food!



Mark Somerfield

Mark has a wealth of start-up experience and is a as a technical leader who understands both our business and customer needs.

Mark leads our engineering team and ensures that Hostology delivers a delightful experience to all our customers, as well as keeping one eye on our future roadmap.

Favourite thing at an event: The music!


Product Manager

Kaira Day

Kaira is an experienced software manager with a passion for information systems – and hockey! She works in close collaboration with our Engineering and Customer teams.

She champions our product strategy, new feature roadmap, ensuring that all of your valuable feedback is prioritised and baked into Hostology. Her goal is to improve all of our users’ experience week-on-week.

Favourite thing at an event: The food!


Customer Support Specialist

Michelle Chandler

Michelle plays an integral role in the business by responding to customer queries, identifying their needs and providing positive customer experiences.

She works hand-in-hand with the product team to ensure we are constantly improving The Platform (we don’t know what we would do without her).

Favourite thing at an event: Meeting new people!


Product Designer

Justine Montgomery

Justine is Systems/Product Designer who is passionate about creating better user experiences and how people interact with technology through human centred design.

She has a background in Graphic Design and UX and shifted into focusing on Product Design to understand different human behaviour and interactions with products that can increase productivity.

Favourite thing at an event: Meeting new people!


Senior Frontend Engineer

Hannah Nefdt

Hannah Nefdt is a Senior Frontend Engineer. With 8+ years of experience, she has worked on a variety of projects and has a keen interest in eAccessibility.

In her free time, she enjoys learning new languages and collecting graphic novels.

Favourite thing at an event: The socialising!


Project Manager

Kevin Laguerta

Kevin Laguerta is a Project Manager. He is skilled in product thinking, product improvements and client management.

His background as a project manager contributes to his ability to understand products in-depth.

Favourite thing at an event: The cake!



Meet our founders. Each at the helm of a hugely successful events business, powered by Hostology

Dewsall Court

Samantha Vaughan

Samantha runs Dewsall Court with her family.

Along with their team, they run approximately 50 events per year. Consisting of weddings, parties, courses and retreats.

Dewsall Court offers delicious in-house catering.



Elmore Court

Anselm Guise

Set in the Gloucester countryside Elmore Court is a beautiful destination for an event.

With Anselm steering the ship, Elmore Court runs approx. 130 events per year. Consisting of weddings, parties and corporate gatherings.

Catering is provided in-house at this magnificent venue.

Elmore Court

Iscoyd Park

Philip and Susie Godsal

Phil and his family restored Georgian family home and turned it into the stunning venue it is today.

They run approximately 130 events at Iscoyd, including weddings, parties and corporate gatherings.

They also offer delicious in-house catering.

Iscoyd Park

Pennard House

Harry and Georgina Dearden

Harry and Georgina run Pennard House in the breathtaking Somerset countryside.

They run approximately 50 events per year, including weddings, parties, courses and retreats.

Catering at Pennard House is provided by an external partner.

Pennard House

Wasing Park

Joshua Dugdale

Set in the Berkshire countryside Wasing Estate makes for a truly breathtaking venue.

Josh and his team run approximately 150 per year on the estate, including weddings, parties, courses and retreats.

Catering at Wasing Estate is provided in-house.

Wasing Park


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We’re based in West London, but for most roles we’re not fussy about location. Our founders and team are well distributed across the UK – from London to Brighton, Shropshire to Somerset.


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“Hostology brings everything in to one place, increasing the efficiency of our event managers, while at the same time creating a great platform for our customers to use.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“We now spend much more time with each client, meaning we can offer an even more personal service. This is what we have been waiting for since we opened in 2010.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“Hostology has carefully thought through how a tech solution can not only make the event management process smoother, saving in time and admin, but can also provide an enjoyable work flow for the client.”

Joshua Dugdale, Wasing Park

“The systemising, streamlining and efficiencies are a game changer for our business and equally will make planning the wedding logistics less ‘dry’ for our couples and their guests – it is a win, win, win!”

Jane Robinson & Samantha Vaughan, Dewsall Court

“Hostology is a fantastic platform that brings the many elements of organising bespoke events under one roof. It has transformed the organisation of our business, saved many staff hours and made us far more efficient.”

Phil and Susie Godsal, Iscoyd Park

“We extensively researched the market to find a software platform that fulfils all the needs we have when arranging events and liaising with customers. Hostology does and is going to massively streamline our business.”

Harry & Georgina Dearden, Pennard House

“So far, I have found the system overall to be really easy to use from our point of view, particularly when it comes to the itinerary.

I think in the long run this is going to save us so much more time to be able to concentrate on the couples and other areas.”

Natalie, Upton Barn