Hear why our customers love using Hostology

We love feedback. Read below what some of our venues most love about Hostology, and how our collaborative event management platform helps to save time for their team whilst ensuring a smooth planning journey.

Collaborative planning means fewer emails

“We find our inbox is not full of questions anymore as our clients can find everything on Hostology. I could go on and on about how brilliant Hostology is and I don’t know how we managed so long without it!”

– Shortflatt Tower

“I have found the system overall to be really easy to use from our point of view, particularly when it comes to the itinerary. I think in the long run this is going to save us so much more time to be able to concentrate on the couples and other areas.”

– Upton Barn

“We now spend much more time with each client, meaning we can offer an even more personal service. This is what we have been waiting for since we opened in 2010.”

– Iscoyd Park


Hostology does the hard work, saving 100s of hours

“After researching many different software options, I chose Hostology because of its simple platform and the ability for the clients to add their own information (therefore saving admin time).”

– That Amazing Place

“Hostology does the hard work for us! It makes it so easy for us to have the entire planning process in one place for both the venue and host. It has transformed the organisation of our business, saved many staff hours and made us far more efficient.”

– Iscoyd Park

“We extensively researched the market to find a software platform that fulfils all the needs we have when arranging events and liaising with customers. Hostology does and is going to massively streamline our business.”

– Pennard House

A great platform for our customers to use

“The systemising, streamlining and efficiencies are a game changer for our business and equally will make planning the wedding logistics less ‘dry’ for our couples and their guests – it is a win, win, win!”

– Dewsall

“Hostology brings everything in to one place, increasing the efficiency of our event managers, while at the same time creating a great platform for our customers to use.”

– Pennard House

“Hostology has carefully thought through how a tech solution can not only make the event management process smoother, saving in time and admin, but can also provide an enjoyable work flow for the client.”

– Wasing Park